by Propell Updates | May 6, 2017 4:32:00 PM | Safety


Unwanted airflow on a frac site can generate high volumes of dust particulates – and dust isn’t good for anybody.

Using high-pressure air to force frac sand through tubes is noisy and cumbersome. Gusting desert winds and arctic fronts force frac sand out of cracks and openings.

A typical frac sand handling system has multiple points for dust to escape. Wind across an exposed conveyor belt or failure in a high pressure line means LOTS of dust. From the trailers, through the pipes, into bins and onto conveyors – frac sand dust will find a hole and blow. And blowing dust sucks.

Blowing.Sucks is raising awareness on the issues related to frac sand exposure, and highlighting those companies putting effort to minimize risks. While safety measures are put in place to ensure worker safety it is important for industry to look at the root cause of issues and not just put bandaids on problems but work together to fix them.

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