Propell Comments on Recent Financing


On February 19th, Propell announced a financing of $5,000,000 from the investment company global resource investor, Roman Abramovich. A possible second tranche of $9,750,000 is provided for in an additional option, proceeds of which may be used to acquire producing assets most likely to experience increased production from Plasma Pulse treatment. Propell views the financing […]

Propell Announces $5,000,000 Strategic Equity Investment by Ervington Investments


We’ve raised $5,000,000 from the sale of 1,525,424 shares of its Series C Preferred Stock (“Series C Preferred”) at a purchase price of $3.277777778 per share in the first tranche of a private financing with Ervington Investments Limited, whose ultimate beneficial owner is businessman Roman Abramovich. Ervington Investments also has an option to invest an […]

Could $200 Oil Be A Possibility?


[Photo Credit:] Last week, OPEC’s Secretary-General Abdulla al-Badri claimed that oil prices have already hit bottom and $200 oil may be a possibility. It’s impossible to know at this point in time whether the bottom has been reached, but key indicators like the drastic decline in U.S. rig count may signify the bottom is […]

Fracking Regulations Passed Over by Senate


[Photo Credit: Ron Cogswell] Last week, the U.S. Senate voted down Amendment 48 which would have given the Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) the power to regulate hydraulic fracking on state and private land. The final vote came in at 63-35 against showing clear bipartisan support to keep hydraulic fracturing in the hands of the states. […]

Is There a New Peak Oil?

2016 Peak Oil

[Photo Credit: Daniel Lobo] Peak oil is a specific event based on M. King Hubbert’s 1956 theory that, eventually, a maximum rate of oil extraction would be reached, and afterwards, the extraction rate would decline permanently. This is not the same as oil depletion, which is really a decrease in overall oil supply. As the […]