Propell NEWS: Delivers on Contracts for 6 Well Treatments in California

propell-deliversPropell Technologies (OTCQB:PROP) announced it has treated wells in California with its Plasma Pulse technology including three injectors and three producers.

One of the wells was treated with the new U.S. made, 3.5 inch tool.

According to CEO John Huemoeller II, the new tool was “easy to operate and the treatments were delivered smoothly according to plan”.

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Propell’s Subsidiary Novas Energy Website Has Lots More Information

New Novas Energy WebsiteHave you seen the new website of Propell’s operating subsidiary, Novas Energy,

We’ve found it answers a lot of the questions we receive every day from investors and shareholders…

…questions about Plasma Pulse, our easy to deploy wireline intervention treatment that seeks to clear near wellbore damage by opening up perforations and near wellbore zone with electrically generated plasma impulses.

For example, you can see a simulated blocked perforation clearing with before and after photos here:

Or case studies and treatment results here:

Or review our typical service program here:

Or even a video demonstration here:

Or see a visual description of the equipment here:

You’ll also find details on the science behind the treatment, testimonials and contact details for management at the site.

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Propell NEWS: Announces Entry into Injection Well Market Segment with Successful CA Treatments

Propell Technologies Announces First Injection Well Treatments in CaliforniaWith today ‘s announcement of Propell Technologies’ (OTCQB:PROP) successful California treatments and backlog, Propell demonstrates it can successfully deliver competitive value in injection wells especially amid increasingly regulated and costly options of acididization or chemical treatments.

With 151,000 Class II injection wells in the U.S. according to the EPA, and 42,000 in California alone, any competitive advantage in this market would be valuable for its owner and would warrant an acceleration of efforts in that market, as detailed by the CEO’s quote in the release.

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Propell Technologies Seeking Petroleum Geologist


Propell is hiring.  Here’s the information!


Job Description

Propell is currently seeking an experienced Geologist. The Geologist will provide a wide range of support to the Company’s management and sales team primarily in the United States and certain international locales, and will actively interface with E&P companies, operators of oil & gas properties, and oil well service companies in the planning and deployment of the Company’s proprietary well services technologies and systems.

Key Responsibilities

  • Participate in multi-disciplinary projects designed to evaluate and implement solutions for oil wells and producing properties, ranging from exploratory and development phases to management of mature fields and properties;
  • Lead the development and deployment of digital systems designed to capture and analyze well and production data for customers; provide advice and input to customers in designing treatment and production enhancement solutions; and to measure the performance of the Company’s technologies and systems in the field;
  • Conduct presentations to customer groups and participate in research and analysis of well data and related geologic, geomechanical and geophysical data in preparing project reports and studies that interpret data, evaluate systems performance, and facilitate or assist in the design of oil well and fluid recovery solutions for customers;
  • Participate in the preparation of science-based and industry publications that evaluate cumulative performance data captured by the Company, analyze the characteristics of “target” well and producing properties, and evaluate application of proprietary technologies and systems to various types of oil wells and fluid recovery systems.

Essential Qualifications/Requirements


  • BSci (Bachelor’s degree), MSci (Masters degree) or PhD (Doctorate) in Geology, Geophysics or Petrophysics. Preferred MSci, MA or PhD. in Geology with adjunct studies in geomechanics, geophysics, and reservoir management.


  • 7+ years of experience in petroleum geology, preferably with overlay of experience in geomechanical, geophysical, and reservoir management disciplines, in U.S. onshore and offshore oil and gas production.
  • Competencies should be kept current.

Preferred Competencies/Skill Sets

  • Good understanding of trends, challenges, opportunities, regulations and legislations relating to the oil & gas industry is a must;
  • Excellent communication skills with people at all levels. A self-starter who can focus on the highest levels of technical issues;
  • Knowledge of:
    • oil and gas conservation and related rules and regulations governing oil and gas field development;
    • principal oil production processes;
    • standard oil and gas accounting principles and water injection accounting principles for productive formations;
    • existing methods of downhole logging and well-logging measurements, analysis and design techniques used in oil and gas field development;
    • drilling techniques, well maintenance and workover, enhanced oil recovery methods and systems;
    • accounting of well data and rules on handling and storage of geological information and documentation;
    • user-level knowledge of computer and the corresponding programs installed on the computer;
    • work experience of selection and application of well interventions.

Language Requirements

Fluent in both English and Russian languages.

Terms of Employment

  • Primary location in Houston, business trips within USA territory;
  • Independent work, no subordinates;
  • Competitive compensation package;
  • Benefits.