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Yesterday, published an article discussing the benefits of Plasma Pulse Technology amidst increasing regulation for fracking and acidization in California and Texas. This is a good sign as the industry takes more notice of Plasma Pulse Technology as a cleaner, cheaper, and easier alternative to traditional well conditioning methods. Last month, we announced the […]

New California Fracking Regs May Also Apply to Acid Jobs


As we’ve discussed in prior posts, new regulations governing hydraulic fracturing in California will significantly change the profitability of such chemical and water consuming enhanced oil recovery activities in the oil rich but environmentally advanced state. Because the final rules have yet to be released by the California Department of Conservation, the date for the […]

OPEC’s Latest Decision: Impact on Enhanced Oil Recovery?


While millions of Americans were sitting down to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner last Thursday, members of OPEC were meeting to decide whether or not to cut their daily oil production. OPEC decided to hold daily production targets at 30 million barrels resulting in another 10% decline in prices for crude to about $66. If you were […]

Propell Technologies (PROP) Announces Positive Results from Treatments of Major Operator’s California Injector Wells


We’re pleased to announce that our September injector well treatments for a major operator produced a significant and sustained increase in injection capacity. We learned the results from reports from the customer documenting a significant and sustained increase in injection capacity weeks after being brought online. The customer plans further treatments in 2015. Read the […]