Propell Technologies (PROP) Announces Positive Results from Treatments of Major Operator’s California Injector Wells


We’re pleased to announce that our September injector well treatments for a major operator produced a significant and sustained increase in injection capacity. We learned the results from reports from the customer documenting a significant and sustained increase in injection capacity weeks after being brought online. The customer plans further treatments in 2015. Read the […]

Video Demonstration of New U.S. Plasma Pulse Device Discharging

Plasma Pulse Device Test in Water

Plasma Pulse Device Test in Water Watch this video on YouTube Watch this video to see Propell CEO President John Huemoeller II demonstrate our new, U.S. made Plasma Pulse device discharging in water. The device simulates a downhole well treatment by discharging every 25 seconds in a large container of water to simulate a downhole well […]

Halliburton/Baker Hughes Merger – What Does It Mean for EOR?


Two of the largest oil field services providers have agreed to a friendly $34.6 billion merger. Such a merger will certainly receive antitrust scrutiny, but this consolidation would help both compete better against Schlumberger, which dominates the oil field services industry. To appease the federal government, Halliburton will dispose of businesses that produce up to […]

Falling Oil Prices Create More Opportunity For EOR Technology

WTI Oil Prices

Since June, U.S. oil price is down by 25% which has lead to concerns about costs associated with drilling new wells. The shale oil boom, particularly in North Dakota, has made the U.S. among the world’s largest oil producers.  As a result of this activity, the U.S. has experienced a boost in job growth and […]

Propell CEO Presents Results From Plasma Pulse Demonstrations [VIDEO]

Propell Plasma Pulse Demonstration Results

Propell Plasma Pulse Demonstration Results Watch this video on YouTube In this video, Propell CEO and President John Huemoeller II presents results from several Plasma Pulse demonstrations. In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Plasma Pulse treatment, the team simulates clogged wellbore perforations by encasing metal pipe in concrete, then activates the Plasma Pulse […]