Oil Companies Exempt From California Water Restrictions


On Wednesday, Governor Jerry Brown ordered the first statewide mandatory water restrictions for municipalities to cut their water usage by 25%. California is currently in the worst drought in 1,200 years, and officials have been working on way for citizens to cut down on their water consumption. Some people have been removing their lawns and replacing […]

Florida Proposes Statewide Fracking Regulations


While Florida is not known as a large oil producing state, it’s legacy of oil production dates back to 1943 with peak production topping out at 48 million barrels in 1978. Production has declined over the years to 2.2 million barrels last year, but the 161 active oil and gas wells are receiving new attention […]

U.S. Oil Export Ban Unlikely To Be Lifted Anytime Soon


With domestic oil stores swelling, it’s unlikely the ban on U.S. oil exports will be lifted anytime soon. While oil executives are calling for a lift on the ban, two primary reasons contribute to the lack of change: 1) U.S. politicians don’t want to be blamed for any rise in gasoline prices resulting from lifting […]